Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's hard work being the hostess

Rockstar Husband's birthday weekend was fabulous. The villa was better than I expected (it would be GREAT for a bachelor or bachelorette party) and we had 21 people there celebrating for 3 days. For the first time ever I played: Croquet, Blackjack (in a Casino!), and Beer Pong. Yes, Beer Pong. I somehow skipped that game in college. I was terrible at all three new games, but this weekend was about the Husband and that's what he wanted!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. The boys are playing the lawn game Bocce ball, and Erin and I are lounging in the sun.
As much fun as it all was, I was the responsible hostess and always had my eye on our guests and the property. The Husband and I had a long discussion about how we didn't want any of our friends driving, so we needed to make sure to get a house in Palm Springs where we could walk or cab everywhere. It worked out perfectly. The same concerns should be thought about in terms of your wedding guests. If you are having your wedding at a venue that is not at a hotel where ALL of your guests are staying, you really need to think in terms of safety and the fact that a good portion of your guests will not be fit to drive after celebrating your marriage. If you can't afford to hire a shuttle to transport your guests to their hotels, make sure that your coordinator has one of her staff keep an eye out to see if any guests need a cab called for them.

Even though I spent all weekend by a pool in Palm Springs, I was exhausted from acting as the Responsible One, so last night I treated myself to a massage and a bath. It's a tough life :)

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