Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Destination: Los Angeles Textile District

Before I started my business (and I had time), I used to sew. Selfishly, my husband will tell you, as I only sewed cute dresses for myself and stuff for our home. (I learned my lesson when I made him a jacket when we were dating and he lost it soon after! Ha! Never again, buddy! Never again...)

Anyway, since I unpacked the last box last week from our move at the beginning of June, I am now ready to tackle the windows. I put boring neutral curtains up in our bedroom a few weeks ago, but the 10 ft window in our living room and the 5 ft window in our dining room cannot be dressed with something boring. I was NOT about to pay retail for the Dupioni silk I wanted, so it was off to the textile district in LA last Saturday.

Armed with my window measurements, cash, walking shoes, and a water bottle (never, ever buy water from a street vendor down there. Trust me on that one) I parked in the parking garage for the Flower Mart (another blog will soon be devoted to the heaven that is the Los Angeles Flower Mart) and hit the pavement. I steer clear from the 2 big Michael Levine stores. Yeah, they do have everything in the world like they claim, but you can buy it for a third of the price 1/2 a block away.

It did not take me long to find what I was looking for: rich, shimmery, cream colored Dupioni silk. I asked the shop owner how much it was per yard? $8.00 he told me. I told him I'm buying 18 yards and I don't want to spend more than $5 per yard. He said ok. Score! If I had purchased this fabric at Joann's or any other retail shop, I would have paid $12-$16 per yard. I love downtown!

The downtown district of Los Angeles is one of the great things about LA. You can find anything you need for a wholesale price. Diamonds, Jewelry, Clothing, Accessories, Toys, Flowers, Rugs, Shoes, Crafts, you name it! Around Maple & 9th streets there are stores that carry Wedding and Quincineara items such as veils, tiaras, jewelry, ring pillows, etc. Good stuff.

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HappyHado said...

do you remember which store you were at? I always end up at the same place, but cant remember the name...