Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TLC Casting a Wedding makeover show and looking for people

If any of my clients or Southern California brides in general are interested in the following email I got today, drop me a line at amber @ amberevents.com and I'll pass along your info to the casting director:


I am the head of casting for 10 Years Younger, which airs on TLC. We are working on a primetime wedding special in LA and are looking for wedding-related stories for the show.

Basically we are thinking of brides, bridesmaids, moms, or other "members of the wedding" who might look older than their age to get a pre-wedding makeover on the show.

Please let me know if you have anyone in mind who might like to participate.


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Maria said...

well, I think that my Fiance and I would be a great pick for a reality wedding show:)
We were recently engaged in July and a little over 1 month later we got the suprise of our lives "We're Pregnant!" Our 1 year wedding plans have changed into a chaotic scramble towards this December! I'm in the process of planning our beautiful winter wedding on Long Island, starting a new job, finishing my Master's degree and making sure i stay healthy for my baby-to-be. Guess I'm a little bit of a superhero these days:) I would love to discuss further with you more details about our story, there is so much more to tell and I can promise that we are a perfect example of opposites, but we love each other through our differences:) hope to hear from you soon! :)