Thursday, September 18, 2008

Engagement Sessions

Michelle and David are some of my clients that are getting married next month at the gorgeous Vibiana venue in downtown L.A. They are cool. Through them I was able to meet and work with the fabulous photographers Allie and Brian Callaway of
They are also way cool people on top of being fantastic photographers. I don't feel like I have to censor my humor and act proper when I'm with them! I asked Brian to write a little bit about the importance of engagement sessions and feeling comfortable with your photographers. You can see more pictures and read more on their blog.

Allie and I cannot stress enough how important an engagement session is to your wedding experience. We include it in every package because it is SO important. Why?
The main reason is it allows you to become relaxed in front of the camera and in front of us - so that when your wedding day arrives you won't be self-conscious and camera-shy. The engagement session is a lot of fun, especially with Allie and myself because we are fun and really make an effort to make the experience as loose and easy as possible. Before the session we help you with wardrobe, location and hair choices. During the session we rely heavily on our backgrounds in the modeling and acting business to offer hints and tips so that while you are in the moment, you'll remember the best way to hold yourself when the camera is near.

And while our style is based in photojournalism, that doesn't mean that you, the subject, shouldn't be aware of the relationship between you and the camera. The engagement session is an exercise in what we call "camera-awareness." It's this little bit of practice that will make a tremendous difference in your wedding photos.

An engagement session will also allow you to get to know your photographer better - which equally important because it opens communication and again, eases nerves and self-consciousness on your wedding day. You now have the confidence and trust of your photographer because this is not the first meeting or photo shoot.

What are the tangible benefits: the photos, of course! Couples will use these pictures for Save-the-Date invitations, or they'll insert them into a slideshow to be played during the wedding. Our favorite idea is to make an album with the pictures from the session that can then be used as the wedding-day guest registry. Whatever you decide to do, you and your family will have amazing photographs that celebrate you and your love!

Have fun!!!!

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