Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Home Arkansas

After being very naughty and going to Turkey and Greece last year instead of home for Christmas, (sorry, Mom & Dad!) I finally went home this past week. 10 paved and .6 dirt road miles outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas is where I call home. And what a home it is. Mom and Dad own the 105 year old farm house that was owned by the family that at one time farmed the whole valley. Many of the that family were born and died in the house. There have been two weddings that we have known of (mine is one of them), and the spring water that is pumped up to the house is the best water I've ever tasted. It is heaven.
I told my friends and family that I was holding court there and if they wanted to see me, they had to make the drive out to me. I needed a break from driving. And computers. Mom and I undertook the project of redecorating her dingy brown dining room and spent 3 full days scraping, sanding, caulking, priming, taping, painting, and turning it into a lovely sun filled room. It is gorgeous!
I got to see baby Danica, my new niece, and she is as precious as was expected. What a doll!I got to see my little brother play upright bass at a show in his self described "psycho-billy bluegrass" band
I got to visit my friend Kellie in her adorable Victorian home in my favorite town in Arkansas, Eureka Springs, "The Little Switzerland of the Ozarks"

I got to dress up like an 80's rocker girl for my good friend Jason's 30th birthday party, and I got to hang out with my best friends and have a great time.I got to go on full moon walks with my parents, our dog, and our cat (she thinks she's a dog), and I got to live for a week in a happy bubble where I was fed all of my favorite meals and got to sit on the porch during the rain.Then I got to kiss my adorable husband in the Tulsa airport as he was making his way home to AR for his week of heaven. His band had shows last week and he couldn't make it home with me.

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