Monday, March 2, 2009

Unique Invitations

I was filing some of my 2008 wedding binders and came across Derek & Angela's invitations and just had to share them. Derek and Angela got married aboard The Queen Mary last fall and we had a fun time designing their Art Deco/Travel inspired wedding. When we talked about invitations I said it would be fun to have custom designed invitations made to look like boarding passes for the ship. Because they were on a tight DIY budget, they were able to ask a friend to do the design for them and a family run print shop to print them. During one of our walk-throughs, we stopped in the gift shop aboard the ship and purchased vintage postcards to send out as their Save The Dates. The guests raved about the Save The Dates, Invitations, and the Resonse Cards made to look like luggage tags.

If you are having your wedding in a unique or historic venue, consider asking the venue for some of their artwork to incorporate into the design of the invitation. It makes it so much more fun than a plain white invitation!

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