Friday, October 23, 2009

More Pretty Things for your Friday: Jessica Claire's Wedding

I love Krista's Pretty Things today. JFK and Jackie are so elegant and beautiful. I have to share more eye candy and introduce to you: my favorite wedding.

I can't post pictures here because the photographers have asked that they not be taken from their websites without written permission, so I'll just link you to them.

Some background:

There is in every industry, a hierarchy, or a list of "Rock Star _______" . In the wedding photography world, there is a photographer named Jessica Claire who is one of those Rock Star Wedding Photographers. She's incredible. Well, she up and got married in Napa Valley last week (on a Tuesday, y'all, how wedding industry is that?!) and hired a Mega Rock Star Photographer Jose Villa to shoot the wedding. Oh yeah, and about 10 other Rock Star Wedding Photographers were in attendance: Jasmine Star, Amelia Lyon, Victor Sizemore, Becker, Michael Norwood, Laura Novak, Chenin Boutwell, and so on. Basically, if you've ever picked up a wedding magazine you've seen the work of these people.

Anyway, back to Jessica's wedding: on Wednesday of this week Jessica's wedding was featured on uber-blog
Style Me Pretty, and the bloggosphere and Twitter world erupted in a frenzy. I think Jose's blog even crashed temporarily. Once Style Me Pretty was able to break this story, the vendors that created this work of art were able to show it on their blogs. The details are insane. Seriously, Jessica's invitations alone make me want to cry they're so perfect.

And now that I've properly built you up, I'm sending you on to these blogs. Get a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and prepare to sit for a while:

Jessica Claire, The Bride
Jose Villa, The Photographer
Angel Swanson, The Wedding Planner & Designer (I'm a wee bit jealous of Angel. It's a good thing she's sweet or I'd hate her. Yes, I'm kidding.)
Becker, Photographer friend and guest who brought his camera


Paige Appel said...

I know, that wedding is insane. Just beautiful, I'm so freaking jealous.

Bride's Tea said...

WOW Just beautiful! What amazing wedding! Thanks for sharing.
Your twitter friend @BridesTea ;)

loveandsplendor said...

you are so sweet, amber! :) xo