Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Sneak Peak: Joanna & David's wedding

Joanna and David

The talented Raya Carlisle of Raya Photography sent me the slideshow of David and Joanna's wedding last weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa and I'm in love with all of the pictures so I had to share this gorgeous photo for the time being.

I also wanted to give my condolences to Joanna's family on the loss of Norma Joseph, Joanna's grandmother who passed away the Monday after her wedding. Thankfully, Grandma Norma not only walked down the aisle in her granddaughter's wedding processional, she danced and celebrated the night away! It is such a blessing that she was able to be there and a reminder to us all that life is short and our loved ones are gifts to be cherished. It can also be a reminder that weddings are not only great parties celebrating the love that you have for each other, but also an important ceremony that honors your families and the generations that came before you.

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Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful words. You made everything run so perfectly.You enabled us to enjoy this every special time, with you attention to detail.I wish I had another daughter to marry off, so I could work with you again....guess we will have to wait for the grandaughter!You are truly a very talented ans special person. Thank you, Leslie