Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Box of Sparkles

So yesterday as I was out running errands my husband calls me to say "you got a huge box in the the mail today from someone named Sara F." I squealed with excitement because I was expecting a reference letter from Sara, a mother of one of my spring brides, but not a whole box of surprises! I was going to be out the whole afternoon so I asked the husband to open it up to tell me what was in it. He opened it up on the phone and sputtered "it's a.....bunch of.... sparkly stuff and candles and cards" so I asked him to explain what the box of sparkles contained. His description of every item he pulled out of this box of goodies was funnier than the one before.

"sparkly-post-it-note thingies-with-an-A-on-them" = cute note cards

Sara was/is an avid blog reader and knows my undying love of all things red and sparkly and so she put together a box of things she knew I'd love. When I got home I read her handwritten reference letter and got a bit misty-eyed that she'd not only put obviously so much thought and time into this box of goodies, but that she took the time to write out a heartfelt reference letter because she knows my business survives on testimonials. I love my clients. I love my job. And I love my hilarious husband who makes me laugh constantly.

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mas at said...

love it - good warm and fuzzies!!