Thursday, November 5, 2009

Amber Adores India

The husband I love to travel as much as we can and one of the things we also love to do is argue about where our next trip will be. Surprisingly enough, I think we've settled on India for our next trip. Clarification: I'm not surprised that we're going to India, I'm surprised that we've agreed on India. We both want to see the whole world and so every suggestion is trumped by the next. We want to experience the world. Except Mississippi. Don't ask.

So, India. I looooove all things Indian. The colors, the food, the sparkles, the culture, Bollywood movies, and, of course, Indian Weddings. I love working Indian weddings because they are so colorful, the Baraat (parade before the wedding) is rad, the bride's red Sari is so pretty, the food is the bomb, and the dancing is so energetic! (Sidenote: I would pay to attend an Indian wedding as a guest. I have only experienced one from a vendor's perspective and that is so not the same. For real. If anyone can make this happen I would love you forever)

Yesterday I was craving some Indian food, a newsletter from Raj Tents popped up in my inbox. I ordered some take out from Great India Cafe in Studio City, turned up the song Jai Ho on my computer and enjoyed the eye candy. So pretty! So fabulous!

Raj Tents, if you're not familiar with them, are the coolest things ever. If you want to add some spice to your wedding or event put a Raj Tent somewhere and you have it made. Your theme doesn't even have to be anything far east related for these tents to add some serious flair. Recently I worked a wedding where the bride & groom got married under a pure white Raj tent with pink curtains. It was so elegant.
Raj Tends
And because I lurve it, enjoy Jai Ho, the credits song/dance from Slumdog Millionaire

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Paige Appel said...

i do love jai ho and those tents!