Monday, November 2, 2009

A Photographer's Perspective: Picotte Photography

Suthi Picotte of Picotte Photography is one fabulous photographer. And woman. And friend. And I adore her. Suthi took the time out of her busy schedule to answer my list of questions, but the great part is is that she is so humble she couldn't answer my first question of "Who are you and what makes you Fabulous?" so I told her I'd answer it for her. I like to cheer for other people, so let me bust out the pom poms and get started!

Q. Who are you and what makes you Fabulous?
A. (answered by Amber) Suthi is an AWESOME photographer. For proof of that check out her website or the wedding she and I did for Mallika and Steve that was featured on Style Me Pretty in August. She was trained in film and as a result is a true hybrid photographer, meaning she shoots both digital and film, and she's good at both. She recently told me that for all of the natural light photos she is starting to primarily use film again as the quality of the images are better in her opinion. On the planning side, she is a dream to work with from a coordinator's point of view: pleasant, easy going, fun, flexible, and nice. I like nice people. In a nutshell, Suthi is fun, quirky, and passionate about people and her art. She, is FABULOUS!

Q. What is it like working a wedding without a wedding coordinator?
A. Working without a wedding coordinator makes me one sad lady. Of course, it's doable but why??? It's your wedding day! It's about focusing on marrying the love of your life. It's about enjoying the result of all those months of planning and hard work. It's not about dealing with snafus & questions & phone calls & directions & missing items & time lines. You should be luxuriating in every moment. I get super bummed when I see the couple get inundated with the technical aspects of their wedding day. It also makes my job harder - I mean, here the bride & groom have hired me to photograph them on their big day but then they are all stressed out and, well, who likes to have their photos taken when they are all tensed up? Seriously, it is worth the investment a thousand times over.

Q. What makes a coordinator good?
A. A good wedding coordinator is a master of all trades. They must be creative, flexible & yet super organized! Service orientate & yet able to give orders. They are the buffer between the bride & groom and the crazy world of wedding details. They are a best friend to all involved and we love them for delivering a smooth day.

Q. Do you have any funny wedding stories?
A. So, it's time for toasts and the best man, the groom's older brother, gets up and says "FORNICATION!" everyone has a good chuckle with a bit of, "did he really say that?". He then clears his throat and says "FOR AN OCCASION such as this..." The whole room exploded with laughs. He was the best man, but he was the groom's older brother first!! You could feel the "older brother love."


The Broke-Ass Bride said...

Is that the same Suthi that got married at Marvimon last year? Her florals had a HUGE impact on our centerpieces at our wedding! I LOVED HER WEDDING.

What a great interview and great feature. I love it, Amber!

Amber Events said...

Yes, Ma'am it is! Wasn't her wedding GORGEOUS??? Holly Flora is a floral genius. I have a wedding with Holly this weekend and I can't wait to see how it turns out!