Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why wedding Hair & Makeup is so expensive

I've had this scenario happen on multiple occasions now, and it makes me FURIOUS.

Scenario: Bride asks me for who I recommend for hair/makeup on her wedding day. I recommend professional Bridal hair & makeup artists whom the Bride deems too expensive. Bride then hires someone who works in the entertainment industry who is much more affordable. And (most times) flaky as hell. I've had these non-bridal hair/makeup people cancel on my Bride as late as one day before her wedding, or show up 2 hours late on the wedding day STILL DRUNK FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE.  Talk about messing up a Timeline and ruining romantic photos...

Brides: when planning for your wedding day, obviously your beauty is super important.  As is your peace of mind. Please, please think long and hard about whether saving $100 is worth it by hiring someone who does not specialize in Bridal beauty and who very likely might get a better paying gig on your wedding day. Reputable bridal companies will NOT flake on you!  Key word is reputable.

Hiring a pro Hair/Makeup artist to come to your hotel or venue is so expensive because that artist can only do ONE Bride in a day, as opposed to the 8 people she can do in a salon. You are paying for the convenience and luxury of someone basically devoting their day to you. 

While your hair/makeup trial from the girl who's worked on American Idol, Charmed, and Grey's Anatomy may have been awesome, she may land the So You Think You Can Dance gig  at the last minute and she may or may not call you to tell you she's bailing on you.

Credit for this photo goes to Design Visage, one of the professional Bridal beauty companies that I recommend. Eva's hair and makeup was divine! Photo by Next Exit Photography.


Eliza said...

As a professional bridesmaid, I highly recommend hiring professionals who will come to you for hair and makeup. I've had the experience where I went to the salon with an army of bridesmaids and the bride, and the mothers and other family members, and it was total chaos. I also had the experience where 2 makeup artists and 2 hairstylists came to the bridal suite for hair and makeup and it was worth every penny. It was a lot less stressful on the bride and the bridal party and the results were stunning. And the makeup stayed on all day. It was well worth the money not to stress about how my makeup looked and not needing any touch-ups throughout the day.

Emily said...

Thank you!!!!!
I am a wedding MUA and I come across this situation weekly, if not daily. Once they book me, and after the see the final result they are thrilled with my services. But I have heard horror stories about unreliable artists and this is sad! Not to mention that this is sometimes makeup that does not hold up well. Makeup for runway or print is different than wedding makeup which has to stay all day long! Wedding Makeup Artists ensure that your makeup will last through the tears!