Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ask Amber Answers

This week we have some good questions. Got any? Ask HERE!

Q. I'm getting married at a venue that already has a ceremony coordinator included in my wedding package. Do you do reception coordinator packages only?

A. Hi there! Thank you so much for your question!

Unfortunately, no I do not offer reception only packages. In the years that I have been doing weddings, I've created the packages to provide what brides need and in my opinion, wedding coordination is SO much more than setting up escort cards or directing the flow of an evening! Part of what we offer at Amber Events is emotional support, counseling, and guidance through this overwhelming time. You’re more than just a date on our calendar. In order to do this, the lowest package (Wedding Supervision) starts six weeks out and it encompasses the entire day. Trust me when I say that there is a LOT of information for us to obtain to make your day go smoothly.

Also, I don’t take on weddings that could be a potential liability in the fact that if something goes wrong it damages my reputation. When I’m only involved in a portion of the day, the chances of something going wrong increases exponentially. Basically, all I have is the reputation I have carefully built, and it’s in the best interest for my company to provide a smooth wedding day for you. And I think that is a win/win situation!
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Q. I am about eight weeks from the wedding and my dress is bit tight. Can recommend how I can loose my stress weight? I would like loose 10 pounds if possible.

A. Oh goodness! While I'm not a nutritionist, I recommend cutting out alcohol, processed foods, and getting into a Boot Camp stat! The cardio every day will make the pounds melt off...if....

IF. If you're getting enough sleep. Now while I'm not a nutritionist, I do feel that I know about sleep, and I believe in it. If you're not getting at least 8 hours, your body is holding onto the food you are consuming and keeping it as fuel since it is not getting recharged at night. I know that with the wedding only 8 week away you're probably not sleeping much. You NEED to change this.

I recommend keeping a notepad on your nightstand so when you wake up at night with a wedding thought, you can jot it down, then go back to sleep. The mere fact that you have this notepad makes your brain view it as a pacifier and you don't wake up as often.

Look at it this way: the more sleep you get, the better you look. Your skin looks more glowy, your eyes look bright, and your body doesn't hold onto weight/water weight. Make sleep a huge priority.

Best of luck, and no matter what, you will be gorgeous on your wedding day because that gorgeous man you love is committing to you forever!

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