Monday, April 12, 2010

Sanity Tip: 86 the camera

I posted this blog in 2009, but wanted to bump it back to the top because all of my clients are having their flower prototype meetings in the next few months, and when they start second guessing their meetings, I want this to be fresh in their minds ;)

Sanity Tip: 86 The Camera

I see this happen ALL of the time: bride goes into the 12th bridal salon and finally finds THE DRESS! Mom cries when she sees her daughter in it, angels start singing, and the sales person really means it when she says "you look beautiful, dear!". Then the bride asks for mom to take a picture on her camera (or camera phone). Bride floats home on a cloud of bliss thankful that the dress shopping is O-V-E-R and THE DRESS is prettier than she imagined! And then....

Bride looks at the picture on her camera (or camera phone) and doubts begin. She starts questioning.... 'I thought I looked prettier/thinner/tanner than I look in this picture?' and doubts start seeping in to her happiness about THE DRESS. She shows her friends who were not in the bridal salon to see her in her full glory in person and she hears "Oh. Wow. It's...............pretty."

It's not you OR the dress, sister! It's the crappy $200 camera! It's the florescent lights! It's the shoe boxes littered around your feet! It's the reflection of other shoppers in the mirror! It's the fact that you don't have great makeup/hair because you've been trying on dresses all day! Stop doubting yourself and remember that feeling you felt when you stepped out of the dressing room and saw yourself in the mirror and your mom cried.

This exact same story happens with the floral prototype meeting. The bride walks in and starts gushing over the flowers claiming how perfect they are.....and then snaps a picture on her camera. Days later the doubts start seeping in because the flowers don't look like they look in magazines. Of course they don't now, but they will on your wedding day when they're being photographed with $20,000 equipment, perfect lighting, in a perfectly clean room, and then edited to have the color boosted by 50%.

Sanity Tip: put down your camera and trust that first feeling you had (and the professionals you hire)!

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Howerton+Wooten Events said...

This is EXCELLENT advice! I am saving this -- It reiterates the advice I give over and over again.

Love & Soul Always, Kay