Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pretty Pictures-Pretty China

I'm turning a bit obsessed with this photographer: Carmen Moreno.

Tea and Coffee seem to be a universal reason to get together and chit chat. A business meeting or even a casual date can call for such an event. In the US, this goes way deeper, especially with .... coffee. It is an obsession for most. Getting up and making a cup of Folgers at home. Pouring it in your overpriced Starbucks tumbler you impulsively bought while waiting in line. A minute later and you're out the door for your 9-5.
For the connoisseur, a very detailed espresso machine may be available to you. Frothy cappuccinos and lattes. Yes quite expensive, but are to die for sometimes.

What better way to celebrate energy in a cup but with the prettiest of cups! The look of it can revive you and set a mood. Fancy tea with Duchess Kate? Or are you feeling a bit more modern and bold today?  Either way, it can be enjoyed with others or better yet, cozied up to a good book.

Pretty things like pretty cups really make me happy. It's all in the simple things I guess.

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