Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Industry Experts Question # 10

Q. What is the most unexpected thing that has happened on the day of a client's wedding?

A. I had a groom get tangled up on the dance floor with his six year old niece and in trying to prevent her from getting hurt he completely dislocated his kneecap as he fell down. As awful as it is to say, thankfully this had happened to him in the past and instead of having to be rushed to the hospital, he snapped it back in to place before it started to swell. The guests were in a frenzy with worry and the silent room was becoming more uncomfortable by the minute.

Immediately I got him ice and pain killers, sent an assistant to the pharmacy to buy a knee brace, kept all guests/family members away from him and his wife as he attempted to compose himself, and I got the party started again per his request. He and his wife stayed outside for almost an hour due to the pain and his intense disappointment at this happening on a wedding day.

When they cut the cake, he gave the MOST incredible speech to his new wife and his guests. He said that while they were outside together Alexis told him that they had promised each other that day “for better or for worse”. Steve said that while he was not expecting the “for worse” to come so quickly, he realized that the most important thing was that he was married to the most beautiful woman in the world and he couldn’t understand how he got so lucky.
He went on his honeymoon with a full leg brace. Two years later these two are still madly in love (with a new baby girl!) and I think that the way that they handled the incident so gracefully together set a precedent for their marriage. The way I see it, because of the way they came through it, they had a perfect wedding. Something is perfect only if you see it as perfect.

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