Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another post about Wonderful Graffiti

Back in November I wrote a blog about how much I love Wonderful Graffiti and how popular I think it is going to be. I mentioned that I was doing a wall in my home with it and I'd post pictures when it was done. It's been done since December, but I've been busy booking weddings and meeting with clients to upload the pictures from my camera. Unfortunately, the pictures are grainy without the flash, but with the flash on, you couldn't see the candles. I love this wall.
Keep in mind that this stuff is PERFECT for weddings. You can create any saying you want and stick them to the church doors, ballroom walls, or anything else you want. It took me all of 20 minutes to attach this to the wall since it came in one large roll and had easy instructions. There is no sticky residue when you take it off the wall, so it won't hurt the paint that it is sticking to. Go to the Wonderful Graffiti website to check it out! This piece was about $150 to created, but they are having a 25% off sale for the rest of January.

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