Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've been Tagged

I was tagged by Meredith Tomasulo of Elegant Engagements in Philadelphia, PA.

Four things I did today

1. Completely overslept. I'm not sure if I didn't set my alarm last night or if I turned it off in my sleep, but I overslept by an entire hour! I still feel as if my head is on backwards.

2. Spoke to the Fire Marshal re this Saturday's wedding. Four times.

3. Prepped my "script" for today's rehearsal for this weekend's wedding.

4. Painted my nails. At my desk. And then continued to type.
"Opry calls it 'MULTI-TASKING' " (said in my southern accent quoting the hilarious mother from the movie "Sweet Home Alabama")

Four things on my to-do list:

1. Register for the ABC national convention in November

2. Put up the curtains in my living room & dining room

3. Buy plane tickets home for Christmas

4. Renew my ABC and Coordinator’s Corner membership

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:

(they’re not guilty though—I have no qualms about taking care of myself)

1. Napping

2. Massages

3. Reading

4. Drinking wine

Four random facts about me

1. My name is actually Amber Jean the Queen. When I sign my name that way, I turn the Q into a kitty cat facing away ala Ramona "The Pest" Quimby. Childish, yes, but it makes me smile. The only people that get cards signed this way are family & close friends, so if you ever get a card signed that way, you know I love you.

2. I've had a love affair from age two with the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. I've worn red shoes my whole life and even wore red glittered shoes under my white wedding dress. Right now I have a pair of red sequined flats that last I wore out for a night in Vegas. I was so tickled by them I kept dancing around and staring down at them like a kid wearing those annoying blinky light shoes. Thankfully, my husband thinks I'm cute.

3. I love the Anne of Green Gables books so much that I made a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island to visit the faux town of Avonlea. While there, the (probably 20 year old) actor playing Gilbert Blythe followed me around all day like a puppy and finally asked me for my email address. It was weird on so many levels.

4. The husband and I are working hard on building a life where he is a successful musician, I am a successful destination wedding planner, we build our Tuscan-inspired dream home on 10 acres out of straw bale, we have horses, dogs, cats, goats & chickens, and we homeschool our children as we travel around the world. If that's not random, I don't know what is....

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