Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michelle and Dave's Vibiana Wedding

Attached are a few wedding pictures of Michelle & Dave's gorgeous wedding at Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles. Dave and Michelle was the most easy going couple I've had to date and it was such a pleasure working with them and their lovely (large) family! Michelle was sweet enough to answer questions for currently engaged couples, and I love the answer to her last question--it really sums up the wedding day. Enjoy!

What was the best part of your wedding day?

The best part was having all of our friends and family together in one room.

What do you feel was totally unnecessary?


What would you change, if anything?

I would have let everyone know to meet us on the dance floor to say hello instead of trying to go to each table.

What was unexpected that you loved?

How creative people were with our photo-booth guest book.

What are your fondest memories of your wedding day?

We took 5 minutes to sneak away and watch the reception in full swing. It was great to watch everyone having a blast.

Is there anything you wish you had spent more time or money on?

I wish I would have spent a little more time dancing.

Is there anything you wish you had spent less time or money on?

The lounge area. It looked awesome but no one used it. Everyone was too busy dancing.

Were there any unexpected surprises or issues?

No, everything went smoothly.

What's your number #1 tip for future engaged couples?

In the end, it will be worth all the stress.

How did you feel after the wedding?

In a daze. It was both the longest and the shortest day of our lives.

Photos taken by the fabulous and fun Brian and Allie Callaway of Allie and Bri Photography.

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