Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ABC... is as easy as 1-2-3... simple as Do Ray Me

Last week my assistant Krista threw a party for Cinco de Mayo (I love the random-excuse-to-party-holidays!) and she and I had a conversation about how much people love signage and directions. Krista, ever the fabulous hostess, had labels on all of the food and drinks, including the best directions I have ever read for making The Perfect Taco. In fact, they were the only directions I've ever read for making a Taco, much less a perfect one. Everyone loved them. Posted over the Taco station started were the instructions:

1. Fill your Taco Shell with Juicy meat
2. Pile on lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese
3. Enjoy your Taco
4. Repeat

Sometimes the littlest things are the most fabulous.
Needless to say, Krista's Cinco de Mayo was a success!

If you have time for DIY projects for your wedding, signage is a sure fire way to tickle your guests and make them smile. Seriously, anything that reflects you and your fiance, whether it be silly or serious is a great way to let your personalities shine through.

In March I designed a booth at the Soolip Wedding at Vibiana for cake baker and friend NancyKay of NancyKay's Confections and I made a sassy, springy, sparkly sign to hang above the booth. Below are the directions of how to make something similiar. It was easy and fun.

1. Choose a blocky, simple font, print off the letters on regular paper, tape the letters to a pre-colored foam board, then used an exacto knife to cut out the lettering.

2. Hot Glue a 1/4" ribbon around the edges to cover the rough edges and foam and give the letter some depth texture.

3. Glitter the ever lovin' daylights out of the letter (that's kind of one of my rules in life: just glitter it)

4. Use hot glue to glue wires to the letters in order to hang them

5. Wire the letters to twine for a rustic look or ribbon for a fancier look. Add some large gems for some sparkle
6. Hang and Enjoy


Cassie said... said...

love the letters!

kgm said...

Thanks for the awesome shout-out! I can't help but love signage. I think other appreciate it too, although that's just what I tell myself so I don't feel like a fool whilst making all my signs!!