Monday, March 8, 2010

Got a Question for Amber Events?


Q. How do you go about your vendor referrals in your Wedding Direction and Production packages? How many vendors? Do you check availability of all of them first? Or based on budget only?

A. Great question! Much of what I do is aimed to save a client time, so with both packages I do check with the vendors I am about to refer to see if they are available. They don't hold dates though, so sometimes they are no longer available when my client finally gets to them.

With my Production package, I am doing much more legwork for my client, and instead of saying "I recommend these three caterers, have fun!" like I would with my Direction package, I am the one doing the communication, proposal obtaining, and scheduling of tastings.

As far as how many I refer, I usually start with three photographers, DJ’s, and videographers, and will refer more if my clients don’t like the three that I’ve chosen for them. I base my recommendations on personality (because everyone I refer is a stellar vendor) and usually in that first batch my client is very happy. For caterers and florists I usually refer two vendors, because this is a much more time consuming process and I feel that I know my client enough to know which two would be the best match.

Regarding budget, I aim to refer vendors that will be in my client's (realistic) budget and would never send a client with a $3,000 floral budget to a florist with at $5,000 minimum.

I hope that helped!

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